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Mark & his Bull Trout


about your fly fishing guide Mark Sokolowski


My name is Mark Sokolowski. I was born and raised in the city of Calgary , Alberta just blocks away from the Bow River I have been fishing the rivers of southern Alberta for over 30 years. My passion for fly fishing is unmatched (just ask my wife!). I am a member of Trout Unlimited. I have done volunteer work with Fish & Wildlife tagging spawning bull trout in the Highwood River system and happily, their numbers continue to increase. My philosophy is simple, trout dictate policy. We could throw Bow River Buggers, Stone Fly dry patterns and nymphs all before lunch! From all my years on the river I have learned the key to success is versatility. I will also show you the polish nymphing technique it is a different but highly productive way to nymph fish. I also believe in catch and release a quick photo and back in the river ready to be caught again.

The Fishing Pole uses: ClackCraft Drift Boats

"I am definitely a better fly fisherman after three days fishing with Mark You couldn't ask for a more beautiful classroom or a finer teacher."

Doug Brady, Atlanta Ga
dbfishes@aol.com 404-373-6154